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Radiant Public School a Modern Gurukul is organised to conform to the standards and requirements of modern residential education in particular to incorporate the more important and healthier features of English public schools and to integrate that education with the Indian culture.

The school is neither elitist nor exclusive. Children are drawn from every region and community of India and abroad. The children are raised in this universal atmosphere, where every creed, community and caste is accorded equal respect. As each child grows, he or she develops a kinship with all of India, which transcends artificial barriers and steps beyond the narrow environment of privilege.

Cultural and literary activities of the school favour entire other activities of the school, providing opportunities to the students to express their latent talents. The full-fledged playground facilitates the development of the undiscovered inborn talents and skills of our students in different sports and games.

One day the child is seen skilful on a fast galloping horse; on another day he is practising the different strokes in the school's swimming pool.

Both students and staff share a common life based on the Gurukuls of ancient India, where each and every student receives individual and personal attention to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Children certainly enjoy living in the most modern, homely and comfortable dormitories, a symbol of their faith.

The Boarding Life at Radiant is unlike any other school.  The living space comprises the Dormitories which are the student’s personal space.                                                     

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Co-curricular activities play a very important part in the training given at school. These activities, not only serve to channelise the emotional and physical energy of the growing child but also enables him to identify the deeper search for fellow feeling, tolerance and active responsibilities across all fields.                                             

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Day Life

Children who are to be leaders of tomorrow are trained in all aspects of life so that they can take up the challenges ahead of them. A wide range of co-curricular and extra auricular activities ranging from sports to community service complements RPS’s academic programme. These activities are both formal and informal in nature. Whether you are rehearsing for play, making pictures in the Arts & Crafts Room or practising with a music ensemble or playing Basketball, these endeavours offer a break from academics and rejuvenate you.

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