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About us

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About The School

RADIANT PUBLIC SCHOOL is a 25 years old CBSE affiliated residential school. Radiant Public School - " A Modern Gurukul ", is organised to conform to the standards and requirements of modern residential education to incorporate the more important and healthier features of English public school and to integrate that education with the Indian culture. It enjoys an international status with provision for education up to all Indian senior school certificate Examinations, that is, class XII of C.B.S.E., New Delhi. The beautiful campus and buildings, situated in an extensive lush green setting have been dressed up to provide a unique abode for the scholars. Here, Protected from the anxieties of city life, a child can find the necessary space and encouragement to grow fully into a young adult with the feeling of self-worth and pride.

Both students and staff share a common life based on the Gurukuls of ancient India, where each and every student receives individual and personal attention to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience. The school aims to inculcate those values and qualities in scholars which develop them into upright, fearless and self-reliant persons, full of confidence and dignity.

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How are we different from other residential schools?

Radiant Public School is a completely residential school unlike other residential schools, where day scholars are also entertained. Because we believe that only a completely residential school can actually serve the best of its residents.

Healthy student-staff ratio (10: 1) so as to ensure personal attention. All the staff members reside on campus only. With an experienced and committed staff, computer education with the latest operating system stimulates & promotes creativity. Hi-tech teaching through smart classrooms by Educom, Modern Laboratories. Innovative teaching methods to make learning an enjoyable experience.


Excellent sports facilities for cricket, badminton, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, gymnasium, skating, horse-riding etc. Yoga & meditation. Adventure club for mountaineering and parasailing etc.

The Emblem

The emblem of the School is rising sun denoting brightness of mind and progress. Student reading a book indicates, dedication to learning. The words "We Learn to serve " convey the message that the aim of education is to serve humanity.


The school is run under the guidance of academic council comprising of renowned educationists, having the deep sense of commitment to cause of education. The attractive school & hostel buildings staff quarters, open-air structures, various playfields, swimming pool, gardens etc are the embodiments of the cherished desire of the school management.

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